Welcome to YCP Microfinance Ltd

With the importance of global message in mind, we realize that overcoming the challenge of improving people’s lives is no easy task. However, as emerging and committed entrepreneurs and partners, we strive to accomplish the impossible.

YCP Microfinance has strong determination and forward-looking spirit to make a better change.

We believe that a small drop of distribution to the society can make a difference. That makes sense why we have come in to the picture – one that contributes to those who want to start up their small or medium enterprises (SME). In operations, we purposely target those budding entrepreneurs because we believe that it is a solution to sustain their livelihood and income. Eventually, enhance the image of a financial Cambodia.

If you come to us for financial solutions with your entrepreneurial ideas, YCP Microfinance should be the right place for you to kick-start your venture with peace of mind and convenience. We provide you with loans, but also care, because at the end of the day, we would not be growing without your support!

So welcome to YCP, Your Caring Partner in micro-finance solutions!